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May I have your opinion on the following York model. system 3.

YCHMY021 x 1 compressor.

Actually already paid deposit for this model. but still wish to listen to some honest opinion.

The FCU features are reasonable but much lesser than the Mitsubishi Electric StarMex models. The FCU noice level is 20 dB which is quite quiet at low speed. StarMex is 19 dB. The condenser is comparable with 4 ticks, inverter and rotary. However for some reason, the 4 ticks given by York has made reference to the year 2014. Don't really know what York mean with this remarks.

If I am not wrong, the specification total capacity is calculated differently from that of Mitsubishi. York only take into consideration the FCU capacity but not the condenser. So for unlimited current property (your house), your 3 FCUs can have 9+9+9, ie 2.4+2.4+2.4 kW giving a total capacity of 7.2 kW (or 24.5k Btu) This is not the capacity that the condenser can support as the MYC021 condenser only has 20.4k Btu. There is no indication as to the distribution of the capacity for each FCU in the specification.

Nevertheless, the 5 ticks StarMex also do not indicate this anymore.

However, the capacity also depends on the setting temperature and other factors like your activity, heating sources, hot air leaking, humidity in the room, etc.

But in reality, your room may not need the 9 k Btu and therefore the 20.4k Btu may be sufficient.

It is therefore good to know the Btu that your room needs.

You may wish to know that the total capacity of 7.2 kW specified by York is based on indoor temperature of 27 degree C DB (dry bulb), 19 degree C WB (wet bulb) and outdoor temperature of 35 degree C DB.

The above are based on technical specification and has no reference to the quality of the product.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
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