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There are a few things that is good to know.

1. Within the same brand, there are more than one model with system 3 as a result of different condenser capacity as well as the combination of the number of FCUs and their capacities.

2. Within the system 3 of different brands, they have different specifications on the condenser as well as the FCUs as individual factors such as COP, capacity, the fan speed achievable, the noise level.

3. And as a whole system there are the number of energy label ticks, the annual cost and annual kWh.

4. And lastly, the way you wish to use the system and the layout and size of the room as well as your activities and other heat sources.

You may wish to know that the annual cost calculated by NEA is based on an 8hrs operation with 16 hrs of standby at 27 cents /kWh BUT only at about 30% of the full capacity of the system. This limit the room temperature to about 6.5 degree cooler from the outside temperature.
If you see a model with annual energy cost of $620, you would need to triple it, ie $620X3.33 = $2,064/year if you run your system at full capacity.

You may noticed then that the saving from energy is sufficient to off set the cost of the whole system within a year and the half or 2 years.

It is therefore good to look beyond the initial cost.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
Dear dachee,

Is dalkin spare part exp than Mitsubishi when comes to repair? Heard salesman saying

Thinking of getting dalkin from below link. 4tick at this price $2k plus look good deal.
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