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Hi all

Can I know what is the main difference between sys 3 with or without inverter?

Most air conditioners nowadays are with inverter. It does not matter whether it is system 3, 2 or 4. Even single split comes with inverter.

Inverter air conditioner allows the compressor motor to run at different speed rather than just one speed as with non-inverter compressor motor. As such, it need not have to turn off and on when the set temperature is reach like the non-inverter system. Instead, it adjust its speed to different heat load in the room.

Below are some advantages of using inverter:

1. Energy Savings is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an equipment. In the long run, the benefit outweighs the initial cost. The inverter technology uses less energy compared to the traditional system.

ON/OFF type of compressor has large starting current, sometimes 6 times more than the running current. This causes flicker to lights and the energy consumed is greater. Typically, there is a 20% to 30% savings in power consumption.

2. Comfort to the users is another advantage of this system. During start-up, the compressor can run full speed to provide quick cooling to the room. After the desired room temperature has been achieved, the speed of the compressor is regulated using the variable frequency drive based on the required cooling load of the room.

The fluctuation of temperature is minimum compared to the ON/OFF type of compressor. This provides a comfortable environment for the occupants at all times.

3. Quiet Operation is another feature that inverter technology offers. The outdoor unit which contains the inverter compressor is much more quieter compared to the non-inverter compressor. Hence, you do not have to worry about noise when you sleep.

Of course, there are disadvantages.

The above are my opinion, hope that they are helpful.
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