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Hi all gurus,

i have more or less decided on Starmex, however i not too sure to go onto 5 ticks or 2 ticks series.
It will be a system 3 unit. 3*9kbtu fcu.
1 Bedroom probably will be on 8 hours daily. Other 2 probably 2 hours daily for the next few years as we are just a newly wed couple. only 2 of us staying.
I understand that, if i on 8 hours daily for all the 3 room, i probably should get the 5 ticks series, but looking at my usage will 2 ticks be better for me?

2 ticks series (Thailand) be more stable/lasting then compare to the 5 ticks (China)?

Thanks in advance!!

In my opinion, you have the following options:
1. System 3 for all bedrooms
2. System 2 for one 8 hrs + one 2 hrs bedrooms and one single split for one 2 hrs to be installed at a later time when you really need it.
3. Single split for one 8 hrs + system 2 for two 2 hrs bedrooms to be installed at a later time when you really need it.

Note that options 2 and 3 would need you to have approval to install 2 power points.

Why option 2 and 3 may be better?
1. A 3-in-1 system would mean that warranty will start from day one, inclusive of your installation warranty which is likely to be one year only. As you seldom use the other 2 hrs rooms, you may not notice any installation defects within the short time of usage. Unlike the air conditioner product, installation quality has no QC and QA. You will need to be the QC and QA or it will be a hit and run issue.

2. A 3-in-1 system would mean that when one part fails, that is related to the 8 hrs room, you may have problem with the other rooms, making them non-usable.

3. As you seldom use the other 2 rooms, you can install an updated technology and model in future when you really need them for almost the same price.

4. Personally, I would prefer to have single split for each room if you can. But otherwise, the nearest will be combination of 2 condensers, giving options 2 and 3. This is because, StarMex single split MSY-GE10VA/MUY-GE10VA is 4 ticks, very close to the 5 ticks FJ series which is at the low side of 5 ticks in NEA COP (coefficient of Performance) rating. Meaning the FJ series is almost like a 4 ticks.

5. You may noticed that the size of the outdoor unit for single split, system 2 and 3 are of the same size. Meaning that the condenser coil in the single split is able to cool the gas faster and more efficient than system 2 as it support only one FCU. Similarly, system 2 will have better gas cooling than system 3. All this affects the performance and wear and tear (ie the life) of the compressors.

6. You may also noticed that the condenser capacity of 6 kW (in total) for each room (6/3 = 2) with system 3 does not equal to the each FCU (which is 2.5 kW). However system 2 is much closer with 4.8 kW (ie each room will get 4.8/2 = 2.4 kW) every close to the FCU 2.5 kW. This will then depends on how cold you set your temperature.

7. Having a 2 ticks system would mean that you will always be paying more for using the air conditioner. Looking at the energy label for a system 3, the 2 ticks will cost you $1060/year and the 5 ticks $620/year. This if I am not wrong this is based on a 30% usage. So a 5 ticks will save you $440/yr.

Whereas if you use a single split and a system 2 combination, your saving in comparison with the 2 ticks can be $1060/yr (2 ticks system 3) - {$274/yr (single split) + $489/yr (system 2) =$763} = $279/yr.

8. Most installation are now charged per FCU, so doing one room or two then one or one then two may not have much installation cost differences. Good to check with our seller.

9. However installing the systems at separate time may affect some addition conduit that would otherwise be grouped together into one where all to the piping and wiring meet.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

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