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Currently looking at the following, i am very new to this though.

1. Brand
- Panasonic
- Daikin
- Mitsubishi Electric
- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

- Please advise how to look into capacity? Do u mean the BTU or?
- How will the ticks affect? I went to take a look at Courts and found that the more ticks = more expensive

Please advise.

Thank you.
Go for only these 3.

- Panasonic
- Daikin
- Mitsubishi Electric

I personally like Panasonic as i have owned 3 sets before and it's cheap, but the newer models now have the ion cleaning function which like takes up elec. i use sys 4 only on mbr every evening and my elec bill is about 100+/mth.

daikin i dun like the blade lourve. my office use daikin and the blade lourve like cannot set no matter how we adjust, in the end use hand to push.

nvr tried ME before, but from frens they say quite good.

stay clear of MHE. Good is very good, if u got a lemon set prepare for alot of problems.

Capacity is layman terms = BTU of your fancoil and compressor how much they can support.
Bedroom use 8k BTU enuff
LR use 18k BTU or 21k BTU mix and match, the a/c guy will advise you.

Piping do the normal width, people will tell u thicker piping/insulation less condensation blah blah, but normal piping/insulation is enuff unless it runs through wardrobes/cupboards which is seldom a choice, then u upgrade piping. Yr trunking will be bigger if you upgrade the piping so looks less nicer.

Ticks = energy savings. lesser tick = more energy saving = less cold, but usually if u dun switch on everything 24hrs, 2ticks is enuff. pple usually goes for 2 ticks, cos the savings is not very apparent and the 1 time upfront price already makan your savings gao gao and 10 yrs down the road time to change yr a/c liao, so got savings = no savings.

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