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from the floor plan, it is roughly 4220mm x 3300mm

Theoretically, assuming the height of the ceiling to be 2.5m, you would need less than 5k Btu, however, most available air conditioner in the market is now with minimum capacity of 9k Btu. So no much choice.

Yes, initial cost of air conditioner is not cheap. In addition, air conditioner is one of the highest consumption of electricity in a house. It is therefore important to decide before you install any air conditioner as to how much you are willing to pay to have the cooling in your house.

Singapore weather does not have very high temperature swing and is within a comfortable range in the house.

Having an air conditioner that you hardly use will be like an white elephant. Because air conditioner consume relatively high electricity, it should only be use when needed. Of course, there are people who have extra money to just use it without the need to consider this. Having a 2 ticks or a 5 ticks will affect the cost of running it. It is likely that a 5 ticks will have sufficient saving to off-set the initial cost different of a 2 ticks.

For example for StarMEX, a 5 ticks system 3 has an annual energy cost of $620 (from NEA energy label) and 2 ticks has $1060 for the same capacity.

These are based on 27 cents per kWh electricity cost, 8 hours daily usage and 16 hours standby energy consumption

The 5 ticks StarMEX cost about $3461 and that of 2 ticks is $2834. Giving a difference of ($3461-2834) = $627. However the electricity saving between the 5 and 2 ticks is $1060-620 = $440

Meaning in 620/440 = 1.4 years time, the running cost saving of the 5 ticks has recovered the initial cost saving of the 2 ticks. And every year of using the 2 ticks would mean that you are paying $620-$440 = $180 more electricity than you should.

However, it is becoming a trend now to install air conditioners in new houses. Specially the living room. May people with air conditioner in their living room do not use it most of the time.

So think carefully as to whether you need it or not. If you can have more than one power point than you may wish to delay installing an air conditioner in your living room. Or maybe just install in one room first. Have a feel of using it and decide later if you need another one elsewhere.

The above are my opinion, hope that they are helpful.
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