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Contractor 1 has no basis in this comment. No meaning in his reasoning.

Contractor 2 gives a more logical answer. But no backup for damaged compressor is not logical. Most companies have 5 yrs warranty for compressor.

Depending on the living room size. If all room use the same capacity, say 9K Btu, than 2 (for more often used rooms) + 2 (for less often used rooms) is a nice combination. But if the less often used rooms are really less often used, then, why install air conditioners. By the time, you get to fully use these air conditioner to test its fault or installation fault, your warranty of one year would have passed.

Would it be better to install only a system 2 for the often used rooms first at this time, and when it is really necessary to install another condenser? You can decide whether you want only for the bedroom (ie just a single split) or both bedroom and living room (system 2).

However, you need to be aware that doing this way may mean that you may end up with additional conduit for the pipes at places nearer to the condensers in future, one for the first system installed now, and another for the system installed in future.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

I want to install 4 units at one go to save the trouble of of installing again in future.

Based on my consumption, which i think is low, what system should i go for? A system 4 or system 2+2 or 3+1?

And y do u suggest system2 (for more often used rooms) + 2 (for less often used rooms) is a better combination than system 2 (one high and low room) + 2 (one high one low room)?
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