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nobody can help. first leo will move. you have to survive that. then once you start moving, just CC and DOTs. either kill the dolls or leo first depending on your CC ability.

I already made most of my TOA teams to be below 25% cr. seems like they are still criting alot.
first hit can survive. but ragdoll continuous whack 3-4 times, one unit will die and the forever CC will break.

my units most below 25%, some only 20%, but still crit like forever. When need to crit, they don't crit. When don't need to crit, they keep crit.

You use which team to get past this stage?

Worst is i have my toa teams all on 100% accuracy and 90%... but still, not all debuff lands most of the time. Pros, please don't tell me 50% above is sufficient for TOAH, because i have 66% accuracy spectra and its decrease attack bar debuff is a lot WORSE than those 100% accuracy units.
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