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Thank you for your kind heads up.

Whats the news on the new firmware version? Any report on improvements/benefits?

DLink Singapore should really learn how to provide release notes.
For some reason, DLink APAC doesn't want to provide Tech Updates wrt to security vulnerabilities in their routers and IP webcams, compared with the US and UK.

One of the biggest security issues with the DIR series is the implementation of HNAP. One short article here for background: Turn off remote admin, SOHOpeless D-Link owners.

On the bright side, after being flamed many times over the past years they finally have said this: "As part of ongoing efforts to enhance security for our customers, future D-Link products will not include the HNAP protocol stack."

Those who are on the standard/worldwide version, i.e. without the SHC suffix, you might want to check with DLink if ver 1.10 is vulnerable. FW ver 1.12 has been released in UK and US to patch the security hole.

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