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NIE admission anyone?

I've been looking for this thread. But can't seems to find it. Anyone went through it already? I heard that it will take 1 week after the interview to know your results. This 1 week is really killing me. Arghhh!!

I have two friends who applied as well. But both didn't even get the interview. One is much better while another is a bit worse than me. My results are so borderline. I'm shocked that I even got the interview. And the questions they asked are not the usual ones. They seemed more interested in my CCAs than me. Anyone can shed some light on this? This suspense is really killing me.

Anyone who have been shortlisted for the previous years can share their experience? I need some info but there's none to be found. Tried google-ing but most results refer back to but they are down for the mo. Anyone with any of their friends in the same shoe as me?
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