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Hi,everyone,I have a question about the tuition. I failed my first application and will continue applying next year. Because I like teaching, now I want to teach in tuition center, is it helpful for my application or will have some negative influence?Thank You
Hi huangsandra,

From what I know, MOE recruits mid-career teachers from all walks of life. They favour applicants who demonstrate that teaching is the preferred path for them.

If you are from a teaching related field you would have shown them that you've persevered in your path. If you came from a non-teaching field they would have known you've tried other jobs and affirmed that teaching is right for you.

It won't hurt your application to work in a tuition centre. However, it is unnecessary to deliberately find work in the teaching field to apply successfully into MOE. My advice would be to stick with the best job for you in terms of passion and finances while reapplying.
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