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I have a system 4 MHI using for 3.5 years. Now having problems cannot turn on, lights on the fan coil have orange blink four times follow by lights in green & orange blink 4 times and this repeat itself again and again.
Have 4 contractors to check and everyone told me a different faults
First one told me gas NOT enough, very confident. After refilling gas, problems still exists
Second one told me gas value cannot open fully, after changing, problems still exists
Third one told me Thermostat spoilt, after changing, problems still exists
Four one ( also the SOLE AGENT told me the dirt inside the gas pipe that block the gas flow fully, Charge me $80 SDG for troubleshooting ONLY. NOT repair done, if repair, this $80 cannot take into account.
Very bad experience.
Please do not buy Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air con for this model. SOLE AGENT office very PROUD guy.
This is the model, PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL, only last 3.5 years
SCM80ZJ-S ( compressor )
SRK60ZJ-S ( fan coil )
SRK35ZJ-S ( fan coil )
SRK25ZJ-S ( fan coil )
SRK25ZJ-S ( fan coil )
PLEASE DO NOT BUY, bad after sales support from their SOLE AGENT. Very PROUD PROUD attuide.

From the above event, what can we learn from it?

It is my opinion that when we need a problem to be resolved, it is important that the specific job is given to the contractor doing the repair.

The functional failure of the above air conditioner unit is a result of one or more defects or components failure. However, various parts were changed by different contractors and the problem still persist.

Did the customer pay for all the repair works? Should he pay for it?

In my opinion, a specific job scope of getting the air conditioner running without further fault/s should be the communicated and agreed between the customer and contractor. So if the repair work involved the change of some components and yet the problem persist, then the job is not complete and payment should not be made.

Many times, we got carried away and agreed to change of parts as the repair job and ended up paying for it though it does not resolve the actual problem.

Above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
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