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All gurus welcome to give advise; basically copy and paste from above

Day 1 - Arrive Christchurch
*Check in accommodation in Christchurch
*Do grocery shopping

Day 2 - Towards Maruia springs
*Check out 0900
*Drive towards Maruia Springs
*Check in

Day 3 - Towards Hokitika
*Check out Maruia Springs @ 1000
*Drive to Punakaiki or straight to Hokitika
*Check in Accommodation @ Hokitika
*Drive to Lake Kaniere

Day 4 - Towards Fox Glacier (Part 1)
*Check in accommodation @ Fox Glacier
Day 5 - Towards Fox Glacier (Part 2)
(Activities over 2 days)
*Sky Dive
*Visit Glacier
*Drive to Lake Matheson

Day 6 - Towards Queenstown (Part 1)
*Check out accommodation @ Fox Glacier
*Blue Pools Walk
*Wanaka Town
*Check in accommodation in Queenstown (Fernhill)

Day 7 - Towards Queenstown (Part 2)
*Arrow Town
*Skyline Gondola or Hike
*Luge Ride

Day 8 - Towards Te Anau
*Check out from accomdation in Queenstown @ 0800
*Glenorchy - Lake front (Kill off if too rush)
*Devil's Staircase - Kingston - Te Anau
*Check in accommodation at Te Anau
*Drive to Mirror Lakes and Knob Flat

Day 9 - Towards The Catlins
*Check out accommodation at Te Anau @ 0900
* Towards the Catlins - Bluff, Stirling Point
*Check in accommodation @ the Catlins

Day 10 - Towards The Kaka Point
* Check out accomdation @ The Catilins @ 0900
* Visit Mclean Falls
* Check in accommodation at Kaka Point

Day 11 - Towards Dunedin
*Check out accommodation @ Kaka Point @ 0900
*Check in accommodation at Dunedin
* Visit Larnach Castle
* Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula, Dunedin ( 8-wheel Argos tour)
* Baldwin Street

Day 12 - Towards Mt Cook
*Check out accommodation at Dunedin 0900
*Drive to Moeraki Boulders
*Drive to High Country Salmon Farm
*Drive to Twizel Town (Stock up on Groceries)
*Check in at Mt Cook Village Accommodation

Day 13 - Towards Christchurch (Part 1)

Check out from Mt Cook Village Accomdation
*Towards Lake Tekapo - Turn off to Godley Peaks Road towards Mount John Observatory (5 fee per car)
*Lake Tekapo
*Pleasant Point (Denheath Custard Squares - Legends Cafe)
*Check in Accommodation at Christchurch

Day 14 - Towards Christchurch (Part 2)
*Drive to:
- Port Hills (Sunrise)
- Sign of the Kiwi Café

*Return Car ?

Day 15 - Towards Singapore
Check out accommodation @ 0200 - Cab / Transport to Airport?
Check in Airport @ 0400
Leave NZ @ 0600

Are you not visiting Milford Sound when at Te Anau? It's probably the highlight in that area. You can chose to stay at the lodge at Milford itself instead of Te Anau if you want to do more walks along the Milford Road.

Do go to Nuggets Point Lighthouse when staying at Kaka Point. I hear the sunset there is very nice but I only visited in the daytime which is very nice also.

For things like skydive, I suggest you check out various places that have that like Fox, Franz, Wanaka, etc. Just do the first one you come to when the weather is good. Often activities like this and glacier hike are cancelled due to weather so strike while the iron is hot.
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