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Yes, I think this is good advise. Instead of having control over the dealer, ie the seller of the air conditioner who is actually acting just as a middleman, buy it from the installer who you have agreement and control of how you want your system to be installed and within what terms and conditions. It is ok to let the installer earn a little more as he is the one that the reliability of your system depends on, other than the product itself.

If you get it from the dealer, who may squeeze the profit margin of the installer, it is therefore likely that the installer may do short cuts to the way the system is installed.

I did not purchase my system from the dealer. I purchased it from the installer. I had 3 single splits. My first was vacuumed for only 5 mins and the pre-stored gas was released. I was not happy, the person installing it was not happy too as he had to redo it, release all the gas, vacuum it for 15 mins and realized that the manifold gauge reading changes after the vacuum pump was turned off. Confirming that there is leaking somewhere.

It was later found that the manifold gauge hose was leaking. Meaning that the initial 5 mins vacuuming that was done was not able to serve its purpose.

With new manifold gauge, the system was vacuum again for 15 mins and stand for 2 mins for checking the pointer position (whether the pointer moves or not). The gas was recharged into the system and the pressure level recorded by a photo before the system was sealed off. Soap bubbles was used to check all connections at the condenser.

In my opinion, the above can only happened when you deal directly with the installer.

Hope that the above are helpful.
Yes, I totally agreed.
I only one to highlight one thing, follow this method usually will end up slightly higher price than the dealer, but it is worth it as you will have a carefree system thereafter excluding maintance.
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