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Hi all, just wanted to share:

My interview was on 14 Nov for Sec Biology/ComputerApps
Received a shortlisted email on 9 Dec
Currently waiting for further updates

Seems like some of you alr got the offer letter and the next step is to attend the briefing on 5th Jan? Hope I will get it soon too.
Hi Chosam,
I'm in the same situation as you.
Went interview on 01 Nov for PGDE Mother Tongue (Sec) & rcvd shortlisted email on 02 Dec. Now going into Jan 17 & no update or anything from MOE.
I got to know from my friend who has finished her 6mths teaching stint & now in NIE that the earliest start date for PGDE MT (Sec) is in Dec 17, hence I guess MOE is not in a rush for my subject.
Could the same reason be the delay for your subject too?
Anyway, pls keep ourselves updated thru this forum.
Thanks & Happy New Year!
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