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I was so confirmed that I'll be getting the Mitsubishi Starmex system 3 (5 ticks), until one salesman messed with my mind again.

He said the outdoor unit should not be mounted using brackets, as that causes loud vibration noise when operating. And the neighbours will complain. Mounting the unit on a ledge is ok, as the floor is concrete.

The place where I am going to mount is below 1 of my bedroom window, which is also above my bottom neighbour's bedroom window. Due to the design of the block, the noise will definitely be an issue.

He suggested I get the Starmex 2 ticks model instead, or the new LG 5 ticks.

Now I'm back to square one..

Is he right? Or he just wanna sell more LGs?

There are two factors to be considered regarding noise level from the outdoor unit.

1. Noise level produced from the unit.

2. Noise level produced from the installation mounting method.

For point 1, the 5 ticks StarMEX has a noise level of 49 dB and is rated up to 59 dB (need to find out what they mean by rated from the technical support team. This model is the only one with the rated reading).

The 2 ticks StarMEX has a noise level of 49 dB too. And the LG system 3 with 4 connections is 48dB.

As the other models does not show the rated sound level, the 49dB reading will be considered for the 5 ticks.

In comparison, the sound levels for all the 3 models are almost the same.

Another source where sound can be generated is the mounting method of both the outdoor unit bracket to the wall as well as the outdoor unit to the bracket.

An improper mounting not according to manufacturer's requirement and unauthorized personnel installing the mounting bracket can lead to vibration, generating noise.

From the above, the salesperson's recommendation for selecting other brands and models does not make sense.

You may wish to view this video to feel how loud is 49 dB.

You can also download a free dB meter from Play Store and use this meter to check the sound level of the installed unit with your hand phone.

You may also check with other sales agent / installer to see if they say the same thing. Are there any similar model that are installed around your block? If so, are their neighbours complaining about the sound level?

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

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