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hi. anyone got comment about cool-serve air con installation service? thanks!

The below are what I found out but not limited at:

1. "Only 1 unit of our aircon is spoilt. Your guys came and told us that the wire connecting to that particular aircon is spolit. Actually we only need to change 1 wire but your guys advised to change 2. We said ok since the other wire is also old. So after changing the 2 wires, the spolit unit is working but another good unit ended up not working. Your guys told us the third wire is broken. But our third wire is NEW! We JUST changed it. Your guys said we have to fork out more money for the third wire if not our originally good unit will not work! What kind of ******** this is?! I was not around and my mum went ahead to pay for the third wire as she doesnt know what to do. BAD SERVICE"

2. "To Whom It May Concern,We would like to submit a complaint about your services for CFJ Management Pte Ltd.Here are the facts of the matter as we know it:1) Our old air-conditioner unit, registered in the old contract, was malfunctioning and we were advised that it was not cost effective to repair it. Hence, it was dismantled and no longer in use for a period of time. 2) When your service staff came to do the maintenance, we said they did not have to service the malfunctioning unit. However, they insisted they had to wash it, and could repair the unit but it required a special type of chemical wash that required us to pay an extra fee on top of it. We did not want to engage this service, but your staff kept insisting on it. 3) As per our contract, 2 more units on the 2nd floor were supposed to be serviced by your staff as well. 4) Since we did not want to engage the extra services for the malfunctioning unit, your staff refused to service the 2 units on the second floor and did not come for the past 2 scheduled dates as well. 5) We have since engaged another vendor to replace the malfunctioning unit.Now, your staff are pestering my colleague to sign a new contract for the new air conditioning unit which replaced the old one, and an extra cash fee will have to be paid on top of the contractual fee. At the current date, your company owes us1) An apology for insisting on a service my company did not ask for.2) Scheduled services for 6 airconditioning units (2 on the second floor, and 1 on the 3rd floor, for 2 visits)How could you expect us to continue our contract with you in the light of such a turn of events?"

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
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