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It's not for work. Always more for the interest. Not working for the time being - that's why I'm considering doing intensive lessons. And I totally agree on having a good foundation. It makes a difference.

Need to brush up on my grammar and sentence structures. I'm alright with kanji. Weak in conversation (poor listening skills). Or perhaps I shouldn't do JLPT then (my other half would prefer me doing it), after all it's for my own self-enrichment.

Paiseh, I could only understand part of your sentences under Pre-Advanced - e.g. 家族は一番大切です。

For Advanced - 負けた。ぜんぜん分らない。

Indeed so, I have been reading Japanese cooking and travel magazines on and off. Minus the history of locations and figures, I could still manage with the rest on locations and access and food menus. As my mum puts it, I'm just equipped with three-legged cat kungfu or half bucket water.
I took the JLPT purely for self-enrichment too. didn't require it for work or for school or even socially. I just wanted to have that feeling of achievement hahaha

I went for Ikoma's prep course for both N2 and N1. For the other grades, I think it's possible to self study them, but I never took those exams because I felt it was a waste of money.

If you purely want to pass the JLPT, i think Ikoma's prep courses are very good. They give you these incredible notes and the mock tests are similar so you really get the practice and info needed. But on the flip side you hardly talk in there beyond the initial introduction in the first lesson, so if you were looking more to be able to talk, then you might want to consider their other courses.

Good luck for the JLPT! It made me quite happy when I passed it and received the cert, so even if it's not for any official purpose, if you want to do it, I encourage you to attempt it!! )
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