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Suppose you're referring to the COP? From what I've seen on the Daikin condenser specs, R32 units with the smallest cooling capacities come with the highest COP values.

It looks like COP starts dropping as the rated cooling capacity of the condenser starts increasing.

In my quick analysis of the Daikin site, it looks like the number of ticks is proportional to the COP of the condenser, so I'm not so sure it's so correct to say that a 2-tick system will make little difference compared to a 5-tick system of equivalent capacity in terms of electricity savings.

Someone with a little more experience should probably chime in here.

COP (coefficient of performance) is the relationship between the output energy against the input energy. The higher the COP, the better is the efficiency of the system.

The number of ticks on the energy label is related to the COP value. So the higher the COP, the more the number of ticks on the energy label.

Capacity of the air conditioner is the amount of heat that the system can remove within a specific time. This is related to the compressor and condenser coil size.

The larger the compressor, the more refrigerant it can process at a given time, while the larger the condenser coil the greater amount of heat can be removed from the coil.

As such there are all kinds of combination of COP (number of ticks) and capacity in air conditioners.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

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