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Thank you for your reply. Actually, my old flat is with steel bracket to support the aircon. It doesn't have concrete ledge like new hdb.

If I plan to change with the new aircon, can I still use 2 compressor? The current steel bracket is only enough to support 1 compressor.

Do I need to reinstall the bracket? or can I straight away use the existing steel bracket? I have not receive the key for my resale flat but I plan my budget for next time.

Thank you once again.

You would need on bracket for each condenser. Installation of air conditioner bracket should be done by BCA licensed installer.

"When you need to install/retrofit your air-conditioning unit, you must always engage a trained installer to do so.

A trained installer is a person who has passed a training course for installing air-conditioning supports at the BCA Academy."

More information is available at:

As you are installing two system, it would be good that you check with HDB whether your house is allowed to install two power points. Each condenser needs one power point. If only one power point is allowed for you house, you would than need to install a system with only one condenser.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
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