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Latest Digital TV rollout status. The map below updates automatically if there's new area having indoor reception.

Analogue TV broadcast shutting down by end-2018.
Analogue broadcasts to end by Jan 1, 2019; 75,000 low-income households yet to switch

Singaporeans still depending on analogue signals to watch free-to-air television will now have an extra year - till Jan 1, 2019 - to switch over to digital.

Only about half of the over 139,000 low-income households here have made the switch to digital broadcasting, despite the roll-out of a help scheme three years ago. All in, with just two months to go before the original termination date for analogue broadcasts, a quarter of households have not switched.

Although three-quarters of some 1.2 million Singapore households are already receiving Mediacorp's digital TV signals over the air or through their pay TV set-top boxes, there are still some 75,000 low-income households that have yet to make the switch to digital broadcasting, said Dr Yaacob.

These are people living in one-or two-room rental flats, or those on ComCare or self-help groups' help schemes. They have a monthly income of $1,900 and below, or an annual property value of $13,000 or lower.

Under the Infocomm Media Development Authority's (IMDA) help scheme rolled out in 2014, the needy households are entitled to free equipment.

IMDA has sent out notification letters to over 139,000 households but only about half have claimed and installed their free set-top boxes and indoor antennae, said Dr Yaacob in his written parliamentary reply. IMDA will be intensifying outreach efforts by knocking on doors and working with the grassroots, but this is "not sufficient", he added.

Therefore, the Government decided to extend the deadline. It will also beef up assistance for needy households and will announce the new measures early next year.

The deadline extension will also better align Singapore's analogue switch-off date with that of its neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia, expected to be around the beginning of 2019.

There are plans to use the freed-up TV frequency to provide more capacity for mobile broadband in Singapore. Having neighbours that have also switched off their TV frequencies will reduce interference problems for mobile broadband users. Harmonising the move will also facilitate mobile roaming.

Switch to Digital TV now!

For DVB-T2 digital-ready TV:

For analogue-only TV:

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