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Hi Sifu,

I just got my TV 3s 65inch today. Here are 2 issues I'm facing:

1) The Android version is 6 and firmware version is 1.3.3. When checked at Setting, it shows new upgrade of 1.3.4. I clicked upgrade, it downloads the new version and reboot.....then it shows the error blue screen and advise me to choose Reboot...then it goes back to 1.3.3. Tried 3 times same result. Gave up then.

2) I tried to connect to TV antenna, HDMI 1, 2, 3 (connected to media player, tv box, DVBT).....It shows the connection content but in few seconds, it is cut off and jump back to main screen. I did a factory reset but didn't help.

Anyone having the above problems?

Another newbie question: I'm not able to watch all those China programs. It says the content is not available for my current location. Any simple way to override this?
Wah, did you get it with the subwoofer? How much altogether did you paid?

1. Since your TV is working well, maybe can wait for later firmware. Just to make you feel better, a lot of us felt that the very first firmware 1.1.70 that came with the Mi TV 2 55" was one of the best.

2. I suppose you connect the antenna to the old type TV antenna connector (RF Modulator) on the soundbar?

Your antenna signal is from the wall old TV antenna point? Or from Starhub TV point?
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