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To be low in dB count is also just one part of the story, noise signature also plays a part. A low pitch hum is much more tolerable than a mid/high pitch whine

Yes and no.

It depends on a combination of dB, pitch (frequency) as well as the phon (loudness for pure tone) of the sound. Normally a sound is make up of various pitches, but some pitches can be heard clearer with low dB, while others need higher dB to hear it or in short to reach a perceived loudness of tones.

For the air conditioner, there are certain parts in it that produce sound and this sound are within a certain frequency range. The sound level provided by the manufacturer for each model is based on the set of frequency and any other abnormal would than be considered out of specification or defective parts.

In general, the dB would therefore be sufficient as a standard of sound level in the specification.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
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