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Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial System 4 (3ticks)

We just get the quote from Gaincity for Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial System 4 (3ticks)

- 22 btu x1 (for Living Room)
- 12 btu x3 (for 3 Bedrooms)

the salesman told us 9k btu is out of stock now, they replace us with 12k btu for our three bedrooms; he also claim that the Mitsubishi Starmax Electrical compressor will make quite loudly noise when aircond is on, they have received few complaints from customer recently... well MHI not have this issues, plus MHI has more function like auto cleaning etc...

Anyone here can share your experiences/opinion of this???

other question is by using 12k btu aircond will consume more electric if compare to 9k btu right? but the salesman told us it won't as the invertal panel in aircon will auto cut off when the room is cold enough.. is it true??
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