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Thanks for your reply!

so you mean it doesn't matter of the aircon BTU level (9k & 12k), is depend on time & space usage right? in another way is mean the electric will consume same power no matter we use 9k or 12k for the same room, am i right?
Besides power, time and usage, we need to look at the size of the room. A higher BTU will definitely use more energy (with higher power rating) and cool the room faster (shorter time) but if it is a small room, a 9000 BTU will suffice. But according to some here, when you use a higher BTU for a small room, the room cools faster but there will be humidity problems.

Do reach the pages before this. You can calculate the volume of your room and hence the cooling power required. For me I read through over 600 pages to get as much info to help make an informed choice. To help you narrow down, read from 2016 Jan onwards. Disregard negative posters with one or two postings (I see you just registered) and as with everything, check out the information. This is not gospel truth! Hope this helps!
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