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Hi Mlangelo,

Noted and Thanks for your advice
will try to look back the previous post and thanks!!
You are welcome! I am just paying back for the good advice I get from this thread. By the way I almost got from Best Tech. Good pricing and nice salesman from IMM. Went to one at East Coast too but the saleman from IMM is a nice old gentleman and I would have gotten this from him if not for the negative feedback on facebook about their service. He is my next alternative.
What we face is this :
At shop :buy from a nice gentleman or pretty saleswoman who assures you everything,
Real situation : the installation team comes and says..for this you must pay $$$, and so forth or this cannot be done etc.

So before you get your stuff, ask them to write down everything in black and white so that there is no room for argument.

Always good to do your research. I prefer a small closely knit team run by a responsible boss than one that outsources work to others..
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