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Read somewhere in this thread that DVB T will stop in March 2017.
I have some questions and hope experts here can help.

1. What about the analog signal ? Also stop in March 2017 ?
End of 2017.

2. Possible to get a DVB T2 set-top box with dual tuners ? I can watch one channel and record another or record both.

3. Which USB hard disk is most suitable for recording ? I mean those that can go standby mode with the set-top box.

4. I don't want to deal with internal antenna. Is it possible to receive free-to-air channel from SCV cable if I have a DVB T2 / C set-top box ?
The answer should be YES if I have DVB C set-top box.

Can I find such set-top box(DVB T2/C) here ?

Thanks in advance.

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