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My reply in bold.

Read somewhere in this thread that DVB T will stop in March 2017.
I have some questions and hope experts here can help.

1. What about the analog signal ? Also stop in March 2017 ?
Analog signal stop at the end of 2017. No idea about DVB-T

2. Possible to get a DVB T2 set-top box with dual tuners ? I can watch one channel and record another or record both.
Haven't come across STB with dual tuners, not branded or PRC one

3. Which USB hard disk is most suitable for recording ? I mean those that can go standby mode with the set-top box.
Best to go with thumb drive instead, 32GB USB 2 is very cheap and can last about 8hrs of recording

4. I don't want to deal with internal antenna. Is it possible to receive free-to-air channel from SCV cable if I have a DVB T2 / C set-top box ? Can I find such set-top box(DVB T2/C) here ?
You meant indoor antenna rite? If your STB has both tuner then yes but then SCV cable service might not last after 2020. Yes, such STB is usually called combo box but mostly from PRC.

Thanks in advance.
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