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Hi guys, glad to have found this thread as I am looking for a 2.0/2.1 speaker right now. Budget wise I give myself around $100 to 120.

Been eyeing on the creative T40 @$129. Is there any speaker that is good and cheaper than that? My purpose of PC speaker is just for light gaming and videos. As I already have a hyperX cloud 2, I dont really wanna spend so much on a speaker. But of course, I also dont wanna buy a cheap one which provides mediocre sound quality.

At the same time, I am also wondering if i am getting the T40, might as well get a razer leviathan from carosell @~$200(dunno why some seller can mark their price so cheap when the original leviathan cost around $329 from the official razer store.)

Thanks for your input in advanced guys!
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