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Hi, Can you differentiate the noise at the condenser? Like is it fan noise, compressor noise, vibrating noise, noise coming from condenser or trucking, gas leaking sound?

You may wish to download from Play Store a dB level meter application into your hand phone and check the level of the sound. If it is above the product specification, Mitsubishi Electric may have to change the unit for you free of charge.

However, noise could also be due to vibration from piping. In that case, the installer would have to rectify it.

Good to get both of them to inspect the problem at together so that your problem can be resolved and not going round the bush.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
Based on ME catalogue, 2 tick system 3 outdoor compressor noise level is 49 DB(A) while the 5 tick system 3 outdoor compressor noise level is 56 DB(A).

This is a good comparison on the noise level that you will hear ;

Cheers !
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