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I chose the MHI because my rooms have higher than normal ceilings so I was afraid that the 9000 BTU might not be strong enough.
Energy consumed is calculated by the power rating x time used, so the more power and longer time will cost more. Read a few pages back on how rapid cooling might not be good for a small room if the humidity level is not lowered.
I went to Gain City, Best Tech, Electric, Harvey Norman, DIY at joo seng but so far I prefer the service provided by Supreme. Right now they are just about finishing the installation.
i installed a mhi 3 system with newway abt a year back and everything is working perfectly fine. it was a good recommendation and i am satisfied with the brand so far.

thats right bro. service is so impt. my aunt was left hanging when her new aircons are not working. called her contractor but nobody came. i recommended newway to her and they found some gas leak on one of the connection. even fixed it up for her without extra charge.

bottom line.. do your research and find a reliable company u can trust before you regret it..
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