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airfare - non-stop is always gonna be expensive cos.. SIA. isn't there a cheaper alternative like qantas which has layovers in Oz? alternatively, sometimes Air NZ has good discounts on airfares, which it's usually during off-peak period.
Only SQ flies to CHC non-stop. With connection you will have options, but again everything boils down to price vs time/convenience situation.

car rental - generally nobody books with tier 1 without a corporate discount but yeah, the local companies (budget/ace/omega) can be just as good. i'm surprised by the difference in the prices though.
check out mana/naked bus instead of intercity bus.
Corp discounts give 20-25% off, even with these (I have one for Hertz) it did not make sense to book it. As was said, if one can book car with diesel engine - do it.

Bus travel... honestly even when someone goes there alone (can't imagine why would one do it) car rental comes more economical. And if there is group of 2-4 people sharing a car, than it is no brainer.

food - for food ratings.
attractions - groupon/grabone/bookme has coupons for some attractions if you already know which date you'll be going.
Well, did not know it but doubt that there will be for attractions with already have steady stream of visitors. Why one would give discount if you can charge full price?
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