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Bus travel... honestly even when someone goes there alone (can't imagine why would one do it) car rental comes more economical. And if there is group of 2-4 people sharing a car, than it is no brainer.
depends la. i dont like driving that much, so i sometimes take bus from auckland to hamilton/rotorua, and then rent a car from there to start exploring. nakedbus can get ~nzd10 tickets one-way, so why not? haha.

Well, did not know it but doubt that there will be for attractions with already have steady stream of visitors. Why one would give discount if you can charge full price?
beats me. some attractions can even get 50% discount. not sure if you have taken the tourist booklets at the airports. some of the booklets have attraction coupons as well. i believe it's AA travel booklet with the "coupon" notice at the top-right hand corner of the front page.
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