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In this case, there is a noise level issue which can be contributed by the following:

1. The sound level of the air conditioner system
2. The sound level from the air conditioner piping (vibration).
3. The sound level from the combination of both the air conditioner and the piping.
4. The sound level from the air conditioner mounting bracket (if used)
5. The perceived loudness by the person hearing the sound.

Focusing only on the air conditioner, the 5 ticks is having condenser sound level of 56dB as specified. Though it is louder than the 2 ticks, it does not mean that it is a noisy equipment.

On this, is 56 dB consider as loud? How loud in normal situation is 56 dB? Is this loudness out of the normal experience that would annoy someone?

Well, according to the chart below, 56 dB is as loud or as soft as during a normal conversation. Is this too loud? Will it annoy someone?

Well, I think it is unlikely that someone will be annoyed by such sound level. 56 db is around our conversational speech of 60 dB.

Readers can download a dB meter application from Playstore and you will released that 56 dB is really not loud at all. (Note: I am aware that the dB meter that is download from Playstore is not calibrated. It is only used for comparison).

So if your condenser is creating noise that affect your neighbours, then it will be good to check whether it is meeting its specification or not.

Maybe you are having a defective product right from the start. Good to resolve this problem before it becomes a major defective with expensive repair cost after the warranty. Covering the condenser with a acoustic material is not solving the problem. It does not make the defective product meet its specification.

By the way, the video attached in your message is from a 40kVA genset (generator of 32kW). It is difficult to confirm that the sound that is from the video is the same loudness as shown on the dB meter, as there are other sounds, such as environmental sounds and also the video mic level setting (not the dB meter setting) and also my computer speaker setting.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

To feel how loud is 59 dB, readers can do the following:

1. Download a dB meter application from PlayStore.
2. Go to youtube and search for "air conditioner condenser noise" and select those videos that only have the condenser operating sound (ie exclude voice and music).
3. Play the video, place your hand phone over your pc, and read the dB meter sound level when the compressor is in operation.
4. Increase or reduce the video by adjusting the computer volume to reach 59 dB.
5. When the dB meter shows 59 dB, this is the loudness of the condenser sound that you will likely hear when you are near it.
6. Walk about 3 to 4 m away from your computer and hear the sound level.

You can then decide whether 59 dB is loud or soft at a certain distance away. You may also wish to bring the dB meter when you move away from your computer and check its reading.

7. Now you can close all your windows and door to remove any environment noise and check your dB meter again for 59 dB, you may realize that the noise sound louder even though it is 59 dB. So is the condenser noisy? Maybe but is it within spec. Yes!

If your condenser sounds louder than this level. You may wish to contact the manufacturer to rectify it as soon as possible during its warranty period.

Try it out for 49 dB.

Hope that the above is helpful.
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