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Now that you've done Kruger, if you enjoyed it, you can consider other parts of Africa - like Kenya / Tanzania for the migration, Botswana is also up and coming, Uganda for the gorillas, etc.

Comparing the two, South Africa is more luxurious in terms of accommodation and food, but it is only the appetiser when it comes to the animals. At Kruger, when we spotted a lion, it was like "wah".... in Tanzania, we went out looking for the cheetahs and leopards and when we couldn't find them, the lion was the consolation because I think we saw lions almost every day (as compared to the leopard which we only saw twice on one day - they are a lot more elusive). We had a pride of 15-20 lions lazing around in a circle one day.

So yeah, if you enjoyed the teaser, consider the other parts of Africa.
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