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Sorry for the late reply.

Have a look at this:

I am assuming that there is a beam over the corridor from the kitchen to the living room. This FCU may have to be higher than the one in the living room. The normal height of the FCU is 8ft from the floor.

Do let me know if there is no beam there, so that I can look for alternative location.

You have a choice of one system 3 (bedrooms) and one system 2 (living and dining) or just one system 3 for the bedrooms. Living and dining no air conditioner.

If you are using 2 systems, then it is good to check that your house is allowed to install 2 power points for the 2 condensers.

Also let me have your comments.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
yes there is a beam along the the foyer in the living room.

My plan

Living Room aircon above the entrance door beam - pipe trunking from TOP to kitchen down straight to yard then to ledge

MBR aircon above toilet door - pipe trunking all inside MBR false ceiling out to ledge

Bedroom 2 above door - pipe trunking TOP to the walkway beam to common toilet false ceiling then to MBR false ceiling to yard then to ledge

Bedroom 3 above door - pipe trunking TOP to the walkway beam to kitchen TOP then down to bottom straight to yard then to ledge

Thank you
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