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So NEVER NEVER allow your new pipes to be brazed joint by the worker at any cost. Stop them, or reject the pipe and show them your agreement that you have with the seller.

- so it means when my bedroom aircon piping is more than 15m..then my room cannot have aircon inside.

In Singapore, all air conditioner joint that are brazed are inappropriately done

- any prove to show??

There are alternative methods of jointing pipes other than brazing and one common method is flared joint. If you need more than 15m of pipes, you still can joint them but not by brazing.

However, if you accept brazed joints, it is not of my concern if your system failure in future. It is your choice.

Most systems have pipe length limitation. Some 20m others 30m.

If you think that there are installer/s who braze the air conditioner copper pipes appropriately, do let us know who and how it was done that you think is appropriate.

Maybe STL Air Conditioning can show us how they do their brazing on a video.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

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