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Don't know why that person say he call digi say don't have such thing.

Anyway thanks for your screen shot this is the best to show it working.
As far as I know (AFAIK)...

The service to deduct money from Digi prepaid card balance -- in order to PAY & BUY active/validity period is called SLL (Super Long Life).

There are a few (known) Digi prepaid SLL options:

(a) Deduct credit balance to buy 365days active period (i.e. buy 1yr active period)
(b) Deduct credit balance to buy 30days active period
(c) Deduct credit balance to buy 1day active period

Obviously, (a) cost higher than (b), while (b) cost higher than (c).

This Digi prepaid SLL service -- is not something new at all.

I've known since quite a long time ago that SLL option (a) exists.
Personally, I even knew of some guys who have bought SLL 365days (1 year active period) for their Digi prepaid card.

But I only knew about SLL option (c) -- buy 1day active period -- less than a year ago (in 2016).

One example of a Digi chart (post/shared on 2016 Apr) that shows cost of SLL options available for different versions of Digi prepaid SIM is as follows:

Edit 2018-09: The above chart is now outdated -- updated chart can be found at this Digi community Web page:

Unfortunately, the above Digi chart does not show the SLL cost to buy 1day active period...
(so maybe that's why people are not aware of the SLL option to buy 1day active period)

SLL options for newer Digi prepaid SIM cards like Digi Live prepaid is also not included in the above chart.

Another thing about Digi SLL option is that -- you must have sufficient credits in your Digi prepaid card balance in order to see all available SLL options.

As an example, from above Digi SLL chart, you need RM8 to buy 30days active period.

(Thus) You'll need to have MORE THAN RM8 available in your Digi prepaid balance -- in order for the RM8 (30days) option to appear in the SLL options list available for you to select.

If we just want to keep/retain our Digi prepaid card (for as long as possible) at a low cost...

We can ignore other SLL options; and just be interested only in the SLL option to buy 1day active period.

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