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You can see whether the pipes are individually insulated at the point the pipes are jointed to the condenser.

But how long is the "grouped" pipes with single insulation at the FCU is some thing that you cannot confirm without opening the cornices. The choice is your but there may be cost incurred.

However, you can also look around those places that the pipes are run and see if you can access to view it (for example insulated pipes above toilet false ceiling are normally exposed, meaning you can see it if you look above the toilet false ceiling) or pipes that are in conduit which you can open the conduit cover to check the pipes. These conduits cover are held in place by snapped on plastic grooves at the sides.

It is not normal to have different insulation thickness along different sections of the pipes. So if you pay for the 1/2" insulation, then it should be 1/2" throughout the full length of each pipes (small and pipe pipes) except when it get nearer to the FCU, when the pipes are grouped together within one insulation (still 1/2" type) to be jointed to the FCU piping.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
do they use the smaller insulation for other purposes then? cuz when i saw 1/4" and 3/8" and 1/2", i asked the worker and that's what he said... hmmm.

mine is just a BTO, system 1 in MBR so the connection is pretty direct, from service yard to master bathroom to master bedroom.

i probably have to go open the toilet false ceiling to check in that case...
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