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They won't use 1/2" insulation for the drainage pipes, as far as I know. I believe those are 1/4" ones instead. Not sure where they'll use the 3/8" ones.

Drainage pipes are not as cold as the copper pipes, so it is normal to have 1/4" insulation. But it can be cold enough to cause water condensation outside the pipe as our humidity is high (about 60+% to 95+% and sometime even 100%) and our dew point also high (about 22 to 27 degree) in Singapore.

So if your water in the drain pipe falls below 27 degree in some days, it is sufficient to cause water condensation outside the pipe, if it is not insulated sufficiently.

Some drainage pipes are run under the floor and if not insulated sufficiently, water condensation may cause water dripping from the ceiling of the unit below. Rectification can be costly if this happened. So there is no harm increasing the insulation at critical place like this one to save expensive repair in future.

3/8" insulation are provided as a standard package by contractors, if I am not wrong.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

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