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In my opinion, your living room area after the removal of the study room is estimated to have an area of 50m2. Taking your ceiling height as 2.8m and temperature difference of 10 degree C, your required Btu is less than 18k Btu. (slightly above 10k Btu).

The MXY-3G28VA is a system 3 condenser, meaning it allows 3 FCUs to be connected to it. And it provides up to a normal capacity of 6kW or 20k Btu. and a max of 8.9kW or 30k Btu. In this case, as you are not installing 3 FCUs (you only need 2 FCUs), you are not using the condenser as it is designed for. However, you are paying for the extra features.

Furthermore, this 20k Btu normal capacity (max. 30k Btu) condenser is above your living room cooling requirement.

In my opinion, it would be good enough to have MXY-2G20VA with normal capacity of 4.8kW or 16k Btu (max 6.3kW or 21.5k Btu) and 2 MSXY-FJ13VE with a 3.5kW each or 11.9k Btu. This will allow you to adjust different coolness for different section when required.

Having a MXY-3G28VA and MSXY-FJ10VE + MSXY-FJ18VE does not allow you to do this.

It will be good if you can place a barrier between the living room (or dinning room) and the kitchen to avoid heat from the kitchen heating up your living room and higher running cost.

If you are still concern about the cooling capacity and capacity of the condenser and FCU selection, you may wish to visit Mitsubishi Electric technical support at their Alexander Road office for advise.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.
if i use 2 x ge24va fcu + 4a38va compressor the max cooling capacity each fcu is 4.40 kW, total cooling capacity 9.20 kW 31k btu, do you know why it doesn't provide 38k btu ?
the catalogue doesn't specifiy max kW when using 1 ge24va either.

so it looks i would need 4 x ge10va to get 11.20 kW?

how about the 5 ticks daikin mks90qvmg 43k btu, mitsubishi 5g48va 46k btu do they have the same issue?

if its via 5 fcu then i have to move a lot of stuff to install 5 fcu in the living room, and divide 5 fcu between the 3 bedrooms.
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