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ACE Rental Cars

Let me step in here. Returned last week from South Island and rented 5 y/o economy car from ACE Rental cars for 15 days.

In short - you will be fine. You just get what you paid for. However I do not recommend to rent 10 year old car with 200k km on odometer, but getting 5 y/o car for cost savings is fine.

Our had 94000 km already on odometer and considering that it had few dents/scratches (which was all documented before we drove off), was slightly underpowered (hey, it is Economy car) and fre things were rattling inside (again, understandable because it has 94k km and 5 y/o) - I paid $540 for 15 days. Plus $390 for petrol driving about 3100 km (and got one speeding ticket). Hertz, at the same time wanted $1400 for the same type of car/days, so for me decision was no brainer.

Renting separate GPS does not make any sense. Just download offline Google maps in your phone - I covered whole South Island and it took no more than 300MB storage on the phone. Get 12V car charger which supports 2Amp, get air vent phone holder and you are fine. Google Maps continue giving voice instructions even there is no cell phone signal/offline.

Regarding mobile data. It is not cheap in NZ and I would not recommend getting Tourist SIM with 3GB of data which ripoff at $89 sticker price. Instead get Spark's SIM with 1GB of data which would cost $24. Spark is good because at most places/towns they have free wifi coverage at their phone booth which were converted to provide wifi coverage. And at most places my phone, while on roaming was picking up Spark's signal, not Vodaphone.

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