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Hi, I would like to install 3 aircon for my bedrooms with size of 173,165 and 149 sq ft. What is the recommended BTU? Thanks!

You can use the following link to check the Btu/hr required for a specific room size in ft or m. and in the different in degree C which you would like the room to cool down to (for example, room initial temperature is 30 degree C and you wish to cool the room to 20 degree C, then the difference is 10 degree C (30-20 =10).

You can select the insulation condition as normal unless you have window/s or wall that is facing the afternoon sun, or have kitchen as part of the room.

From the calculator, all your rooms are below the 9k Btu requirement, even if you run it at 20 degree C. Normally, room temperature is set at 25 degree C, which is already cold and with proper placement of the FCU (fan coil unit), the cold air from the FCU can be directed to the selected area providing effective cooling even at room temperature setting of 26 - 27 degree C (some even have temperature setting of 28 degree C). With proper placement of the FCU, it does not need to have the whole room cool down before you feel comfortable.

In additon, with the inverter now available in most air conditioner, the compressor is able to provide continuous cooling at different capacity (coolness), thus avoiding the very cold and warm cycle encountered with the old, on/off-compressor air conditioner when you are blown directly from the FCU.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

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