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Home Aircon died. Very old Mistubishi Heavy Industry Inverter system 3 series. I think maybe around 15 years?

It died after running for continuous 24 hours from Friday to Saturday. Error code is: Run LED ON, Timer 5 blink. I've checked and it seems that it is:

Description of trouble = Over heat of Compressor
Cause = Gas shortage , Defective discharge pipe thermistor
Conditions of flashing = When discharge pipe thermistor value exceeds setting value. (Compressor Stops.)
Have left it alone for 24hrs today, at even at 5am, it refused to start.

Asking for opinion on whether should I replace the unit or service it? 15 service years is quite a long time.

Is there any recommendation brands/unit? If not, i'm most likely getting a starmex from ME.

Edited: also, is there any installer to recommend??
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