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OSIS Session Finish hairspray is strong but hard to wash off. You will not have any luck with the typical drugstore shampoos so just go for those decent shampoo brands. No doubt it's more expensive, but you will not end up shampoo-ing twice for sure, and not to mention that over cleansing will definitely aggravate rate of hair fall.

Out of the many options out there, you may consider Care Shampoo. It's a daily shampoo that is sulphate free shampoo. Very moisturizing but yet doesnt weigh down the hair so i use it to make sure that the next day is a good hair day for me. Shampoo plays an important part for people like us, and this shampoo works to achieve that.
What is Care Shampoo? I searched for it but no results. Can you show a picture?

Do you mean using Care Shampoo just wash once and OSIS Session Finish hairspray can be washed off completely?
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