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Review for Cold Engine installation

Site Survey-
Scott came and took a look, in and out within 5 mins as place still under renovation.

Pipe Laying-
2 worker came to lay the pipes .
Job completed within half a day.
Result MBR casing is not straight, worker over cut the casing and try using silicone to patch, end up the case cannot stay in shape.

Air con installation-
Scott came with another worker.
Found pipe position is not enough allowance.Have to join the pipes using solder.
After fixing the pipe, the casing end up covering the door frame.
Request to shift upward to avoid the door frame went unanswered.
Casing in mbr that was not straight cannot be fixed as they did not have the require material.
Scott tried to push/mould the case into shape but no use.

Rectification 1-
After complaining to Michelle and refusing to pay balance.
Came to straight the case.
Shift casing up from door frame.
End result, bulging case after straightening.
Casing at door frame instead of joining seamlessly with the main case, they decide to stagger it instead.
Scott commented that after this round if i am still not happy, nothing else he can do.
Gave up asking them to fix anymore.

Rectification 2-
Aircon cable was connected wrongly resulting in cold air coming out from other room AC instead of the AC that was turned on.

Not sure how the other good reviews came about. Maybe my case is special...
hmm sad to hear about your case. looks like Cold Engine may not be as good as I thought to be.
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