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Need some help as I know nothing about air con. Old non-inverter aircon sensor became faulty and will turn on and off by itself randomly and can't be controlled by remote anymore. Technician gave us 3 options:

1. Get a refurbished one to replace it
2. Change to a Daikin system (he said there's only one non-inverter system still on the market, googled it and I assume it's this
3. Replace with an inverter system.

A few years ago another technician told us that we have to change the piping if we want to change to inverter so my parents decided not to as it would be quite a big job. However this tech told us that we don't need to change. So is this true? If not, is there any point in getting a non-inverter system nowadays?

Do you use your air conditioner regularly and what is your monthly electricity bill?

The new inverter systems use the R410A refrigerant while the old non-inverter air conditioners use the R22 refrigerant.

In my opinon, the R410A system is not compatible with the R22 and I would suggest that you use new piping. This is because though there are many in the market indicating that it is alright to use the old R22 piping, why take the risk and be the problem owner and be accountable for other people's understanding.

Technically, there is no way to ensure compatibility of old piping for new inverter system.

Inverter system has many advantages over the non-inverter system in addition to running cost reduction.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

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