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Thanks for the helpful. It is only used occasionally. Reliability will be the main concern, so I think that rules out using an inverter system without changing piping. What are the advantages of inverter system other than lower running costs and more precise temp control?

I think now the main thing is whether or not there is any disadvantage to getting the Daikin non-inverter system. I believe the guy said it's going to be discontinued soon, so I'm not sure if it will be problematic a few years later.

1. Inverter vs non-inverter.

1.1 Ok, you are aware of the lower running cost. This amount can be great, even to the extend of saving more than the initial cost of the air conditioner in just few years.

1.2 Yes, it provides a more precise temperature control, meaning that you will not be subjected to the extreme coldness and hotness when you are in the path of the air flow. This allow you to place the FCU such that the air flow can be directed at you to provide almost immediate cooling rather than having the room cool down to feel cool.

1.3 It also mean that larger room need not have to have larger capacity as cooling can be at selected area of the room rather than the whole room. For example, room temperature setting is at 28 degree, but the selected area in the path of the air flowing out of the FCU at your selected area could be receiving temperature of 26 degree C.

3. Because the inverter does not have the frequent start and stop, operating parts would likely last much longer with lesser wear and tear.

4. If you are an environmental friendly person, it is good to know that R410A used in inverter system does not contribute to ozone depletion.

5. The lubricating oil used in inverter system is synthetic oil which has better performance.

6. The R410A operates at a higher pressure and is more efficient in transferring heat than the R22. Thus your air conditioner are able to cool the room faster.

7. Most non-inverter system uses R22 and as this refrigerant is declining in usage with more using R410A system in the market, R22 system may become more costly to maintain and even non available in future.

8. Most if not all, inverter system use rotatory compressors which is much quieter.

9. The inverter system are newer in the market with many more features and one important feature is the cooling coil surface area of the FCU that increases the cooling efficiency.

10. This new system also incorporate metal treatment that helps to protect the outdoor unit from the environment.

The above are my opinion and hope that they are helpful.

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