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Pentium G4560 costs $64, fights Core i5-2500K at $270

Intel looks to have an impressive value for money processor based on its new Kaby Lake architecture available, with the new Pentium G4560 costing just $64 - and it competes against processors worth 3x as much.

The site has a 'total rating' of application and games at 1080p, where you can see that the Pentium G4560 and Core i5-2500K are neck and neck. When gaming at both 720p and 1080p, the new Kaby Lake-based Pentium G4560 beats the Pentium G4400, FX-6300 and A10-7890K - while just 5% slower than the more expensive Core i3-6100, and Core i5-2500K processors. In normal Windows use and synthetic benchmarks, the new Kaby Lake CPU is only 3% slower than the Core i3-6100, and just 1% slower than the $270 processor - the Core i5-2500K, which is a huge testament to the improvements within the Kaby Lake architecture.

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