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Manigto Range of Products

What’s up guys, so recently I’ve made a purchase from, and they sent me jars of their new products from their Manigto range to try out. They are a local brand who have their products manufactured in Malaysia I believe (last I asked them). I had actually spoken to them before regarding my concern on how other “local brands” were all getting their same products from the same lab In China, and how the quality of their products sucked big time. They assured me that their manufacturers were based in Msia and that they were not the same as the other fellas. Gotta disclaim here though that I’m not in any way working or sponsored by them, and the content being shared here is influenced by my non-biased opinion on how these products actually work.

Their Range:
3 new products are: Clay Pomade, Wax Pomade and their Classic Pomade, all of which come in 5oz jars, and cost $24 each. That’s quite a lot of product for the price. So far, I’ve only tried the Wax and The Clay Pomade.. The classic pomade I might review later on.

Both products are similar in the sense that they both provide a strong hold and a matte finish, though the Clay has a drier looking finish overall. Endurance wise, both fared surprisingly well in our weather. Held my style for the whole of my 8 hours spent outside without the use of a pre-styler. You can definitely boost endurance with the use of a hairspray. The main difference between the two I feel, is the weight. The wax is definitely heavier than the clay, and is suited for more defined, shorter styles. If you want hairstyles big volume, go for the clay as it is lighter. Both products wash out with one shampoo.

All in all, I would say that these products are really easy to use, and relatively fuss free. If you’re looking for a basic, entry level product that does what it says, this does it for you. Definitely a step up from the Gatsby/Drugstore brands. You can get em off the hairpure website, but I’d recommend getting them of Shopee for the discount codes. Cheers!
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